Spirits Review: Palmetto Apple Pie Moonshine

Have you ever had a drink and thought, “Man, this is so delicious that I feel like writing about it?” Maybe? Not really? Well coming from a cigar reviewing background, I definitely have, but after a few drinks, it’s difficult to get motivated enough to sit at the keyboard for however long it takes you to churn out a detailed description of what you just drank. But in the case of the Palmetto Apple Pie Moonshine, I was impressed enough to take some notes.

Taken from the Palmetto Moonshine Facebook page.

Mason jars: the only way to package moonshine.

Before I get started with this review, though, here’s a little background information on Palmetto Moonshine. According to their website, the Palmetto Moonshine was founded in Anderson, South Carolina in 2010 by the Boggs brothers, Trey and Bryan, though they didn’t start making moonshine until the state legalized it in 2011. Their moonshine, which is available in several different flavors, is crafted using 100- to 200-year-old recipes shared by retired moonshiners, and is packaged in mason jars (just as it should be). And so, without further ado, here’s my take on the Palmetto Apple Pie Moonshine.


Packaging: 750ml mason jar

Proof: 22.5% alcohol (45 proof)

Price: $26.99 + tax

Aging: <1 year.


As with the rest of the flavors, Palmetto Apple Pie Moonshine comes in a mason jar. This particular flavor has a fairly murky looking golden brown color, and at the bottom of the jar is a cinnamon stick and a nice amount of sediment. A good shake gives this moonshine the appearance of spiced apple cider.


When served chilled, this moonshine didn’t have much of a smell, though you could definitely pick up the apple spice on the nose. At room temperature, the cinnamon and clove notes are a little more noticeable and the alcohol burn is just barely detectable, though at 45 proof, it’s not enough to be at all harsh.


The first sip delivers pronounced baking spice notes – cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg – along with a buttery note that reminded me distinctly of pie crust (this buttery flavor becomes a lot more exaggerated when the moonshine is drunk at room temperature). The apple flavor trails behind the baking spice, and is followed by a little bit of classic corn whiskey bite. The finish is fairly clean with a little bit of residual baking spice. It’s moderately sweet, though not candy-like.

Final Thoughts

As evidenced by the fact that it disappeared too quickly for me to take a decent picture of the jar (the above photo was borrowed from Palmetto Moonshine’s Facebook page), this stuff is dangerously delicious, though at 45 proof, you have to put in an effort to really overdo it. I imagine this would go very well on the rocks with a little bit of bourbon, and I imagine it would be delicious heated up, though I didn’t have the forethought to save some for either purpose. I highly recommend this moonshine, and I look forward to trying the other flavors.

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